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Core Drilling Canberra

A core drill is hollow and cylindrical in shape, and it is used to make larger holes through a solid surface. It is made of metal, with the tips of the drill usually coated with either carbide or diamond. The core drill is composed of a powerful motor, a handle, and a range of drill bits.

The main area where a core drill differs from other cement cutting tools is the fact that a core drill will naturally extract a piece of the material that is drilled. The centre of the drill bit is hollow, which means it will carve out a cylindrical sample from the drilled material. This is called a core sample, which conforms to the shape of the drill’s hollow walls.

Where can it be used?

Core drilling can be used to penetrate various types of surface. It can cut through cement, rocks, wood and ice. It pushes its way through a surface with a twisting motion to create the resultant hole. Different surfaces require the installation of different drill bits to ensure best performance is achieved.

A core drill’s power, size and features can vary, depending on the nature of the job it is being used for. In the home, a small core drill can be used to make a hole through a wall to install things like ventilation for the kitchen or bathroom. Alternatively, a more powerful medium-sized drill can be utilised in environments like construction and mining. The very largest drills are usually reserved for cutting concrete one large-scale construction projects.

Core drilling with Condrill

Condrill has existed as an independent company since 2003, but has a background of more than 40 years in the concrete cutting industry. We are a family-owned business serving Canberra and areas of the South Coast.

Condrill has a diverse range of core drilling machinery equipped to execute any kind of drilling task. We have both electric and hydraulic powered machines, which come in handheld, bolt-on or suction varieties to suit the task at hand. Our operators are all expertly trained and highly experienced, specialising in all aspects of drilling work. We are equipped and ready to tackle any drilling job in the Canberra area.

If you would like to make an enquiry to find out how our core drilling services could help your project, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our friendly, professional operators who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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