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Handheld Concrete Sawing

Looking for handheld concrete sawing services? Condrill ACT offers the best in handheld concrete sawing for your commercial or construction needs. Handheld sawing uses a very powerful hand operated tool to cut concrete, masonry, asphalt and other extremely hard substances. Most of all, Condrill has the experience and expertise to get your concrete cutting job done correctly first time, every time.

Understanding handheld sawing

Handheld portable saws use diamond-tipped circular blades. These blades are able to cut through concrete and other extremely hard substances. Furthermore,handheld saws can be safely used in tight spaces and at angles too. They are more convenient for smaller jobs where space is limited and the depth of the cut is small to moderate. Given their smaller size, handheld saws can reach cutting jobs that are not normally accessible with other cutting devices.

Handheld saws can cut to a maximum depth of 150mm before other saws including the ring saw while flush cutter and dragon saw are used to cut deeper to a maximum of 400mm.

There are many uses for the handheld portable saw. Most commonly they are used to create expansion joints in concrete. This is to allow newly laid concrete slabs to expand, contract and move without cracking in a non-uniform manner. The concrete is scored using handheld sawing. This will allow the concrete to crack along a controlled line before being sealed for waterproofing.

Handheld saws can also be used for the formation of doors or windows in existing structures. In addition, they are also used for creating openings for new electrical or plumbing services to be used. Commonly, handheld sawing is used at road works to create a controlled and accurate area through which to access or install amenities without causing any undue damage to the wider road surface.

Condrill’s range of handheld saws

Condrill ACT uses a range of different handheld drills powered by electricity, diesel or petrol. This range of handheld concrete sawing machines allows our experienced and expert operators to access the correct area. There they create a cut that will be both neat and effective for the job that needs to be completed.

We also offer handheld concrete sawing services to a wide range of customers. Moreover, we can operate on a range of different materials and work sites too. From cutting curved concrete pipes to creating new openings into concrete or masonry structures, our experienced operators will be able to complete your job safely and efficiently every time.

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