Joint Sealing Canberra

Joint Sealing Canberra

When large volumes of concrete are used for building or flooring they need to have joints included to allow for expansion and contraction as well as movement.

Movement occurs in concrete because of the initial shrinkage that is caused by thermal induced cyclic movements. This occurs with any ambient temperature variations and changes in moisture levels. For all concreting jobs, this means that expansion joints will need to be cut into the concrete and around any plinths or pedestals too.

Expansion and contraction will cause the concrete to crack so expansion joints need to be cut into the concrete to allow for this to occur. When the concrete is scored in this manner it allows for the control of the cracking along these lines instead of randomly through the concrete.

Concrete slab joints are then later sealed to prevent unwanted and foreign materials from getting into these cracks, while still allowing for movement to occur. Joint sealing also prevents the ingress of water and chemicals that could cause increased damage to the crack and lead to wider problems occurring.

Condrill has the solution to all of your joint sealing needs and can also carry out concrete cutting to prevent cracking in your newly laid concrete too. Whether you are building from the ground up or working on an existing building to create a waterproof joint or replace a failed joint, Condrill has the service and the reliable team that you need to get the job done.

As specialists in joint sealing and waterproof joint creation, we have a wide range of experience on small and large jobs. This enables us to advise clients on the techniques and materials that will be required to get the concreting job done to a standard that will keep it sealed and secure for years to come. Joint sealing is a vital element in the process of waterproofing concrete slabs and must be carried out as the functionality of concrete is greatly reduced when exposed to water.

At Condrill we are committed to providing you with the best possible service in joint sealing, however large or small the job is. Commercial units, warehouses and offices can all benefit from our joint sealing services and we will ensure you get the best quality waterproof joint possible every time.

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