Wall Sawing Canberra

Wall sawing is often one of the most critical stages of the construction process. Concrete wall cutting is one of the specialised services Condrill offers. The process involves the deployment of a large circular blade, which can cut through concrete and similar materials of virtually any thickness. The wall sawing process can cut through walls as thick as 24″ if necessary.

Wall Sawing video

The track mounted saw

The sawing work is performed using a circular saw of appropriate size installed on a track mounted machine that will precisely guide the saw to cut the required shapes and lines. The track is attached to horizontal rails, so that the saw can be manoeuvered to precision cut holes for windows, doors and ventilation shafts. Through the use of a track mounted saw, rather than a slab saw, the openings that are cut can be shaped to exact specifications.

When concrete sections are particularly thick, special measures are undertaken to prevent accidental over cuts due to the circular blade’s large diameter. Condrill sets itself apart from other concrete wall cutting firms in the Canberra area with its huge commitment and attention to the tiniest details, making us one of the leading concrete cutting companies in the region.

Beyond construction

Wall sawing can also be deployed to existing, completed buildings and structures. If an opening is required to expand an existing structure, Condrill has all the tools and skills required to get the job done. It can be challenging to work safely and effectively in an existing building, so extreme atention to detail is required at all times. Condrill brings a sophisticated level of skill and experience to any job, making every concrete wall sawing project a success.

The Condrill factor

Condrill has been cutting concrete walls as an independent company since 2003, with more than three decades of additional experience as a part of the Concut Group before that. No-one in the Canberra area can offer a greater level of expertise and experience in the field of wall and concrete cutting, and our superb operators come with only the most up-to-date, powerful equipment ready to complete any job.

If you’d like to know more about how Condrill can help your construction or development project with our wall sawing services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly, knowledgeable operators are waiting to answer your questions and bring over 40 years’ experience and skill to your job.

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